Basic Two Piece Schedule 80 Heavy Duty Pot Puller Kit


This is our 1-1/2 in. basic heavy duty schedule 80 aluminum pot puller kit. Our custom two piece design provides easy transport, storage, and removal off your boat or skiff.

When assembled the davit is approx. 76 inches tall with a 36 inch reach. When disassembled it's only 48 inches long for easy storage.

This heavy duty pot puller is the ideal choice for motorized (now or in the possible future) pot pulling and/or applications requiring a heavier load rating.

This basic pot puller kit includes:

  • Two piece polished schedule 80 Power Hauler davit.
  • Aluminum gunnel mount and choice of flat or combo base (floor) mount.
  • 1/4” pick plate to attach a pulley block.
  • Stainless nut/bolt to connect the two sections together into a pre-drilled hole.
  • 200 lbs. pulling capacity.

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