Do we ship outside the continental United States? (Alaska and Hawaii) 

Yes, we do. Please call or email us for shipping rates. Our phone number is 503.983.6493 or email us at sales@lesterscrabpots.com


What kind of crabs can I catch?

The Pacific coast has many different types of crabs, but the most common caught on the West Coast are the dungeness and red rock crabs. On the Atlantic, the most common catch is blue crabs. All three are caught by sport fisherman for consumption.


Do I need a license to go crabbing?

Yes. Each state has different laws regarding crabbing, but all states require a license for the catching of aquatic wildlife. Bag limits and size for crabs varies by state. Check with your local game commission for more information:
  1. Washington-
  2. Oregon-
  3. California


When’s the best time of year to go crabbing?

Crabs can be caught year-round in most parts of the country, but the best time to go for a full pot of healthy, large crabs is fall, starting around September.


When’s the best time of day to go crabbing?

Crabs are typically most active in slack tide, or when the water is at its calmest.


What’s the best bait to use?

Les recommends grabbing your fishing pole and using your catch as bait. Fresh bait is best. Cut your caught fish and place it in the middle of the pot for best results. Alternatives to fish include turkey and chicken, bone and all. Bait lasts longer underwater if you put in a bait bag.


How big do the crabs have to be?

This also varies by state and the type of crab you catch. For all states though, dungeness crabs must be male to be kept.


Should I keep soft shelled crabs?

No. If the shell if soft, it’s either illegal to keep, or you shouldn’t bother. Soft shell crabs contain only about half the meat of a hard shelled crab.


How many crabs can fit in a trap?

A good haul of crabs in our heavy pots is between 25-45, but hauls like that aren’t necessarily typical. In terms of weight, the traps are built to hold much heavier loads than the amount of crabs that can fit in the trap, so you’ll never have to worry about a trap breaking from the weight. 


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