Crab Traps and Crab Pots for Recreational and Commercial Crabbing

Lester’s Crab Pots offers 100% American made crab traps, crab pots, and other shellfishing catchers for recreational and commercial fishing. Handmade in Oregon, each trap is expertly crafted to last longer and fish better than any other trap on the market. Whether you’re enjoying the local water with the kids or you’re boating off the coast for large hauls, every trap is tough enough for the most extreme Alaskan catch, but also easy to use for the most inexperienced angler.

100% American Made Crab Pots

As a family owned business, all of Lester’s products are made right here in the USA, using the highest quality American components. Each trap is assembled one at a time by a quality craftsman. The resulting crab pots are guaranteed to outlast and out-fish every other crab pot in the water.

Used by both commercial and sport fishermen alike, all of our products have been time tested and molded from countless real water tests. Each pot is grounded to prevent electrolysis from occurring, which can shock crabs and prevent them from entering the trap. In case a pot is lost, all traps have state required rot away cord on the bungee.

All crab traps are compliant for use in all states that permit sport-fishing. See state regulations for any questions and limitations based on where you’ll be shellfishing and the amount of trap entries your state or local area provides.

Crab pots are best left for 4-6 hours or overnight to give proper time for dungeness and red rock crab to find and enter the enclosure. Our crab traps have stainless, weighted entrances, keeping your catch inside while luring in more. The heavier weights keep your trap where you dropped it, so it can withstand harsh tides and currents.

Crab rings are best checked every 15-20 minutes to get the most out of a catch, and to preserve bait. One of the best ways to keep you busy while you fish, throw a crab ring near a dock and you’ll have a full day of fishing and crabbing for everyone.