Commercial Crab Rings

The Crab Ring is Lester's highest quality commercial ring. Designed to keep crabs in as you pull it from the water, Lester's Crab Ring is perfect for your next fishing trip. 
  • 100% American Made
  • Hand Wrapped with EPDM roofing rubber
  • Weighs 14.5 pounds
  • 36" diameter 5/8" upper steel hoop.
  • 29" diameter 3/8" lower steel  hoop.
  • Lower Hoop Laced with Heavy Duty .043 stainless steel crab pot knitting wire.
  • Comes with a 3 point harness .

Local pick up is also available for this product. If you would like us to ship this item to you, please contact us prior to ordering for shipping rates. 

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